Comic No Jam Today #339 from 09.08.2016

Software Updates

comic software updates expectations reality

Dedicated to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

This is comic #339 "Software Updates" from 09.08.2016
from No Jam Today classic   series (tagged IT  , rocket science  , work  , featured  )
Subtitles: Software Updates. Expectations: systematic development of narrow-scope instruments for solving specific tasks within the bounds of the main functionality; polished main functionality; increased customisability and automatisation for advanced users; bug fixes and performance improvements. Reality: implementation of objectively inferior narrow-scope features that sound good in ads but overload the system and won't be used by the overwhelming majority; integration of fundamentally different functionality that should exist as separate applications; full UI redesign that breaks conventional workflow and removes functionality. ( Lishtenbird)

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