Comic No Jam Today #347 from 29.10.2016


October 26—the birthday of No Jam Today comic, October 28—the International Day of Animation, October 31—Halloween... One way or another, between these three dates, there appears not only art pieces (like this, this or this), but as much as an animated H8lowIN issue, dedicated to 8 years of No Jam Today, as well as Halloween!

The animation here is traditional, paper-type—really time-consuming, but very oldschool! In it, the imperfections that disappear in digital art are deliberately preserved; there stays the natural naive stroke of an "ordinary human", not spoiled by the concepts of straight lines and correct anatomy.
As for sources of inspiration, I believe those are apparent ^^

This is comic #347 "H8lowIN" from 29.10.2016
from NJT experimental   series (tagged parody  , featured   with Iv  , Luna  , Roza   and Azura  )
Subtitles: No Jam Today Theatre. Lishtenbird's H8lowIN. ( Lishtenbird)

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