Comic No Jam Today #260 from 03.10.2012

Noble Goalfs

comic golf madoka

Second of the photocomics. This time, about the Madoka Magica anime.

This is comic #260 "Noble Goalfs" from 03.10.2012
from NJT experimental   series (tagged anime  , parody  )
Subtitles: - Kyouko, we’ve got a problem! We won’t be able to play golf! There’s only one golf club left, and there are no balls at all! Kyouko, what we gonna do? - Don’t worry, Homu-chan! I got a good idea! - So, Kyuubey, listen to me: go dig yourself into the ground and wait! - Kyouko, now that was a really good idea! - Hå—hå! - Kyuu?.. ( Lishtenbird)

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