Comic No Jam Today #430 from 22.12.2018


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(The full background picture can be found in the fantasy part of the art section.)

This is comic #430 "RTFM" from 22.12.2018
from No Jam Today classic   series (tagged IT  , games  , holidays  )
Subtitles: Holiday season is... the amount of inadequate posts exponentially growing in gaming communities. should i play this game??? by tocoolforschool. Y THIEF SO OP GAEM BROKEN by monkaspogbait. what classes can I play here by xxxdarkdeathxxx. Question ! by unodawae. Downloaded game, what now? by callofdooty. hi im new any1 wanna play 2gether ?? by asuna69. game boring what you do when your bored by rushbi. NEED BEST WARIOR BUILD by megakiller2005. do you have to buy this game?? by tocoolforschool. Comment, share, save, hide, report, crosspost. Make sure to check this before posting: PLAY FOR FREE, FAQ, WIKI, BEGINNER'S GUIDE, ENDGAME GUIDES, META BUILDS, PATCH NOTES, CONTENT CREATORS. ( Lishtenbird)

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