Comic No Jam Today #398 from 25.08.2018

Map of Redroof

comic map of town
This is comic #398 "Map of Redroof" from 25.08.2018
from No Crit Today   series (tagged games  , fantasy   with Alisa  , Lyna  , Iv  , Luna   and Arty  )
Subtitles: It's getting dark in the town. The shops are being closed, and the townsfolk are moving into the taverns. Luna, what's your plans? I'll be heading towards the mage's shack. Do you have a non-metagame reason for this? Yeah, I've already been to... Actually, let me get the map I scribbled. I'll be honest, I've seen prettier. Well, excuuuse me, princess! I'm a rogue, not an artist. To be fair, with your DEX you could. Also, have an Inspiration die. For that? Really?! Arty, -1 HP from a very nasty mosquito bite. Ouch! I thought Redroof was a small town; why does it have a jeweler? That's how I marked the wealthier district. Is that a railroad shop? ...that's jail. And this place, a bag shop? General store. It works for me, alright? Actually, why is it called "Redroof"? Do they have red roofs? All the roofs are gray. Then why... It's a long story. Anyway, I've already been to the wealthier part of the town, and the rumours about me are spreading. I'll move to the other side and check if this mage geezer has any potions or useful trinkets. ( Lishtenbird)

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