Comic No Jam Today #320 from 23.05.2015

Shinjuku Labyrinths

comic shinjuku station

There's almost no open free Wi-Fi in Japan you have to at least register and get a password. Toursists can rent Pocket Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Hotspot, Mi-Fi a small box that shares Internet access to devices by connecting to mobile networks), buy a prepaid SIM-card with a certain amount of traffic, or rent a local SIM-card or a phone altogether.

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shinjuku station signs maps turnstiles
This is comic #320 "Shinjuku Labyrinths" from 23.05.2015
from No Japan Today   series (tagged featured   with Alisa   and Lyna  )
Subtitles: - Don't worry, they got signs, we'll find the right exit in no time! - 16 lines! 16, dammit, lines on this level alone!.. Shinkuju Station (Tokyo, Japan) the largest transport hub in the world, used by more than 3 and a half million people each day. JR East, Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway, Odakyu Electric Railway and Keio Corporation railway systems connect here, and there are more than 30 platforms on multiple levels. - It's some kind of an endless labyrinth! "Pocket Wi-Fi is wasted money," she said! "You can find all you need from the hotel in advance!" she said! "Why Google Maps when you got GPS and offline maps?" she said! Well, who would've thought we'd get lost in subway... ( Lishtenbird)

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