Comic No Jam Today #399 from 29.08.2018

Breaking and Entering

comic breaking and entering
This is comic #399 "Breaking and Entering" from 29.08.2018
from No Crit Today   series (tagged games  , fantasy   with Alisa  , Lyna  , Iv  , Luna   and Arty  )
Subtitles: As the sun sets, the warmth of the day gives way to the evening freshness. Night crickets start their soothing song, which weaves into the monotonous sound of rustling leaves. Arty, make a Constitution save. 4, +5, 9... The long road takes its toll; despite your intent to guard the shack from intruders, you slowly doze off. You now use the passive perception stat. Shame, shame on you! I check around the shack for security breaches; 2, +0 for Investigation... You investigate the shrubs and find them particularly prickly. Dammit. I'll move towards the door then. With your dark vision, you see a large blue-skinned orc sleeping right next to the door. Half-orc; half-sleeping! I'm not going back, I'll try to sneak past him. 3, +3, +22 from Proficiency and Expertise. Hoooly modifiers! That's close, does 10 for Stealth beat your passive Perception? Yeap, it's 9. My chances for mage training are rapidly dwindling... Arty, you're dreaming of pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows, but do not wake up. That would be black unicorns; my Turncoat is, obviously, turned black side out. Actually, they're not even unicorns, they got two horns since she's a tiefling. So... tieflincorns? Won't tieflincorns be just... rams? We've come full circle. That's kind of... anticlimactic. When you get to the door, you find that it actually has a hole in it. Can my small hands reach through and open the door from inside? Make a Sleight of Hand check. Woah, natural 20! Okay then... You slide your hand in, feel for the latch and gently flip it. The door silently opens, and you're in. That was surprisingly easy. Thanks, Arty! Duh. You'll still have to get out as silently. Maybe, or maybe there'll be some convenient kerfuffle. Who knows, who knows... ( Lishtenbird)

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