Comic No Jam Today #397 from 22.08.2018

Berry Hunt

comic berry hunt
This is comic #397 "Berry Hunt" from 22.08.2018
from No Crit Today   series (tagged games  , fantasy   with Alisa  , Lyna  , Iv  , Luna   and Arty  )
Subtitles: — Lyna, you made your way towards a small clearing in the forest. The sun has already set, and you see the first stars in the clear sky. — Time for a short rest. — Any pies in the sky? — Speaking of pies. I should eat and replenish my supplies. Anything edible around? — You gonna hunt? — No, I'd want something planty. — She's on a diet. — She's a druid. — Roll an Investigation check. — 16, +2, 18. — You stop and close your eyes. A purling stream can be heard nearby. — I head towards the sound. — Having passed around some large trees, you move the branches aside and see the stream. Its water is clear and cool, definitely safe to drink. — I fill my waterskin. — On the stones, right in the stream, you notice wisps of leaves, covered with nearly transparent berries at their bottom; and to the sides, creeping shrubs with red, black-dotted berries. — Are they edible? — Roll two Nature checks. — 15, +2 and +2 from Proficiency... 19; and 1, a crit miss... — I'm not eating berries from you! — Shush, you're not here. — You know the first plant quite well—it's waterberry, a refreshing edible berry that replenishes your energy, but is perishable. (In game terms, that means you can use one hit die to restore your HP outside of a short rest.) You've never seen the second plant, but are absolutely sure that such striking berries can't not be delicious. — My health is full, so I'll just gather some of the first... — And the second. — ...and the second berries into my boxes. — When the boxes are almost full, you hear a growing roar and notice a lilac glare from behind you. ( Lishtenbird)

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