Comic No Jam Today #37 from 17.01.2010

Per Googlium Ad Astra

comic per googlium ad astra

Knowing how to forward people to Google in a civilized manner is an art.

This is comic #37 "Per Googlium Ad Astra" from 17.01.2010
from No Jam Today classic   series (tagged IT   with Alisa   and Ksyu  )
Subtitles: d!b - messaging window. |{S`/U (01:03 17.01.10): DO U KNOW WHEN BIRTHDAY OF BRAD PITT IS?? Alisa-Kiparisa (01:04 17.01.10): nope, but i can tell you of a simple method to find it. it's called 'per googlium ad astra'. |{S`/U (01:04 17.01.10): WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? Alisa-Kiparisa (01:05 17.01.10): through googling to the stars. ( Lishtenbird)

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