Readers' fanart and crossovers with other comics are published in this section.
You can send your fanart by e-mail or leave a link to it in a comment to any comic.
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New fanart:

flotilla of admiral arthur Flotilla of Admiral Arthur
Author: Anmoris
legions of primarch arthur Legions of Primarch Arthur
Author: Anmoris
sp moris by anmoris SP Moris
Author: Anmoris
life with kottorin by anmoris Life with Kottorin
Author: Anmoris
alice 10 by anmoris Alice-10
Author: Anmoris
lyna and alice casual by myuzu Alisa and Lyna
Author: Myuzu
celebratory chat by coocecat Celebratory Chat
Author: coocecat

Images from the NJT 3-year Fanart Contest:

dogs playing poker by thac0 Dogs Playing Poker
Author: THAC0
girls by juudi Author: Juudi
lyna by amy ichibi Author: Amy Ichibi
alice madness returns by anmoris Fan-art Returns
Author: Anmoris
kindergarten by kitty-x NJT Kindergarten
Author: Kitty-x
cake by uliss the dog Author: Uliss the dog
nyanmoris by arien and yuri NyanMoris
Author: Arien&Yuri
sweet loli luna by myuzu Sweet Loli Luna
Author: Myuzu
alice lyna by kitty-x Alisa and Lyna
Author: Kitty-X
lightning bolt by heillin Lightning bolt!
Author: Heillin
luna and roza by heillin Luna and Roza
Author: Heillin
luna and cake by asp Luna and cake
Author: Asp


crossover gigiks Gigiks comic #245
Author: Zhaconda
crossover by naele ayolle Cameo in Scarlet Salt
Author: Naelle Ayolle

Fanart (traditional):

lyna and horo by nedotykomka Lyna, Horo and Apple
lyna portrait by nedotykomka Lyna, Horo and Apple
sisters by dlinnokoshka Fanart with sisters
Author: Dlinnokoshka
kottorin by dlinnokoshka Fanart with Kottorin
Author: Dlinnokoshka
alisa-asuka by myuzu Asuka Alice
Author: Myuzu
lyna and alice by myuzu Alisa and Lyna
Author: Myuzu
alice by nina Alice
Author: Nina

Fanart (digital):

matsuri alice by myuzu Festival Alisa
Author: Myuzu
homestuck by dsp2003 Crossover with Homestuck
Author: dsp2003
grown up roza by tmusha Grown-up Roza
luna by tmusha Fanart with Luna
heroes of might and magic iv by anmoris Heroes of Might and Magic IV
Author: Anmoris
alice by dlinnokoshka Fanart with Alisa
Author: Dlinnokoshka
maid alice by myuzu Maid Alisa
Author: Myuzu