NO JAM TODAY 3k Comic Series:
Abstract & Conceptual

First issue:

comic 348
Comic #348

Latest issue:

comic 395
Comic #395

NO JAM TODAY 3k is an artistic graphically-linguistic project for visual and textual experiments on the comic format, which parts it even further from the traditional sets of panels with heroes and speech balloons. 3k is built upon the concept of intertextuality, and thus combines multiple interconnected art and pop culture references in each issue in order to deliver a new multilayered message.

3k's time and place the distant post apocalyptic year 3000, which somehow reflects in itself our current world; main heroes matryoshka cat Nom, star-human Jat, and girl head Day, whose features, too, span across countries and epochs; their statements somewhat abstract, somewhat conceptual messages in which you might or might not find something for yourself.

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