Comic No Jam Today #396 from 18.08.2018

At Mage's Shack

comic dungeons and dragons mage's shack

Behold, No Crit Todaya new series in which heroes of the comic play Dungeons & Dragons! This series focuses primarily on its text component (which can be more dynamic and content-rich), while the (most time-consuming) fantasy art scenes will only be added when fit.

The series is published in English and Russian in parallel.

This is comic #396 "At Mage's Shack" from 18.08.2018
from No Crit Today   series (tagged games  , fantasy   with Alisa  , Lyna  , Iv  , Luna   and Arty  )
Subtitles: Arty, following the guard's directions, you find yourself next to a shack on the outskirts of the town. In front of the shack, there's a lopsided sign with... you don't know Common, do you? Can speak poorly, can't read. ...with writings you don't understand. I knock on the door. Should I roll for knocking? Do you want to roll for knocking? Yeah, I want to. 2 +2 more... from Dexterity? 4 total. This gonna be good. Having forgotten to put your club into another hand, you slightly fracture the door. Oh... Told you! You hear fussy rustling behind the door. In a minute, someone's nervously revolving eye appears in the hole, the door abruptly opens, and a lean old man in faded lilac mantle and hat shows before you. "The hell are you doing?!" "Want. Learn. Magic." Really? You think he gonna agree after this? Roll a Persuasion check, with Disadvantage because of the broken door. Surprise, he's not happy about this. My charisma is negative already. What did you expect? Have to sacrifice something. 4, -1... 3. "Magic? To you, with your orc muzzle?" "Half... Orc." The old man hems loudly and slams the door closed. A couple more splinters fly out of the door. Roll me a Perception check. 16, -1... 15. You hear him muttering as he leaves: "All these robbings lately, and here we go now, a fractured door!" I sit down in front of the entrance. Will guard. ( Lishtenbird)

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