Comic No Jam Today #325 from 18.07.2015

Wake Me Up Inside

comic neighbour activity

Phonophobia fear of loud sounds.

This is comic #325 "Wake Me Up Inside" from 18.07.2015
from No Jam Today classic   series (tagged life  , rocket science  , featured  )
Subtitles: Activity of different neighbour categories: when I am awake: when I'm sleeping or trying to sleep. Keen judges of electronic dance music; those cruelly treating a small child; those who prefer their walls Maasdam-style; with a pack of small dogs on Duracell batteries; with natural aptitude for indoor basketball; with strong attachment to a prehistoric vacuum cleaner; with a young Beethoven; with a clandestine machine-building factory; who lost their TV remote a couple of years ago; who are sport fans and extrovert brewers; who suffer from phonophobia. ( Lishtenbird)

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