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No Jam Today classic

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Classic issues about life, computers, games, and anime with a contemplative atmosphere.

© This is an original series. It contains original works based, in its entirety or majority, on materials that constitute intellectual property of the author of this site.

There is a total of 215 issues in this series.
89 issues are available in English.

About This Series


No Jam Today was started in 2008 as a strip comic about life, computers, games, and anime with a routinely contemplative atmosphere and niche humour. The first issues were often simply "talking heads" with repeating panels; but as time went by, visual variety increased, heroes got shaped with character traits, things as graph and chat comics appeared. In 2011, older issues were redrawn, and the initial graphics (and the first version of the author's font) can only be seen in the retro issues. Cybersport as a theme, meanwhile, was slowly replaced by Japanese animation.