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NO JAM TODAY cafe — image from header

Yonkoma-like manga about a monster girl cafe: vampires, werewolves, cakes, and fanservice!

© This is an original series. It contains original works based, in its entirety or majority, on materials that constitute intellectual property of the author of this site.

There is a total of 27 issues in this series.
2 issues are available in English,
27 issues are available in Russian.

Out of all issues, 2 exist in both languages,
0 issues exist only in English,
25 issues exist only in Russian.

About This Series


NO JAM TODAY cafe uses altered heroes from the No Jam Today comic in a magical cafe setting. It's playing with the format of yonkoma (Japanese 4-panel comedic manga) with loose plot, and as such, features black-and-white art (mostly), fanservice (occasionally), cliches (deliberately) and shallowness (one can tell).


Launched in 2012 and ressurected in 2016 (ha!) after a long break.


  • Medium-term: launching the second "season" with improved graphics.