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NO JAM TODAY 3koma — image from header

Strange heroes from the far future explore popular culture of the present time.

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There is a total of 5 issues in this series.
5 issues are available in English.

About This Series


NO JAM TODAY 3k is a comedy spin-off of the NO JAM TODAY 3k comic series, in which heroes of the far future — an android girl Day, a galactic cat Nom and a star-human Jat — explore the popular culture of the 21st century... and often get it all wrong.

Comment from Author

The 3koma series ("three-koma", but also "san-koma", similar to "yon-koma") can be viewed as the logically inevitable reincarnation of the RAZDRAZHE webcomic: same wordplay, absurdity and simple graphics at its core, but more refined and timeless themes in its contents.

The main language of this series is English.