Graphic and textual materials published at belong to the author of the comics and the creator of the website Konstantin Krylovskiy (except for user comments, avatars and/or if specially noted).

The rules for material usage generally comply with 'fair use' policy:

Things you may do:

  1. You may copy and share specific comics for non-commercial use with author mentioned and an active hyperlink to put. By adding the link you give your readers an opportunity to visit the website at once if they feel interested. Additional share buttons for social services are also present.
  2. Such usage also presumes that you do not receive any kind of personal profit from publication. Please don't get me wrong: of course, sharing a comic or a link on your blog/Facebook/Twitter is nice, but regularly copy-pasting content of the site to another sites/forums/communities for getting reputation points — or even selling your own ads — is not nice. The difference is pretty clear and vety important.

Things I ask you not to do:

  1. Any commercial usage is prohibited unless a written permission from the author was granted. If you have a commercial proposal, you can contact me by e-mail to discuss it.
  2. Please do not copy all comics together with texts. This website was not developed for the sake of becoming a source of free content for third-party sites called 'communities' or 'archives'. Such cloning lowers the rank of the website in search engines' algorithms, even though one might think it should make it 'more popular'.
  3. This is also the reason why continuous reposting of the comics in social networks/blogs/communities/etc is prohibited unless the author's permission was granted. For your convenience a Twitter update channel has already been set up.
  4. Do not modify the image. E.g. by removing the copyright notice, the title or by putting your own site's logo over the image.

Why say all this?

Even being a hobby and not a job, comic creation is very time consuming. Money and time are invested into development of this non-profitable project, so I ask you to respect other people's work. Thank you.