On Using Contents of Site

The No Jam Today comic project and www.nojamtoday.com website
are created and developed by Konstantin Krylovskiy (Lishtenbird).
Before using this content elsewhere, please refer to the guidelines below.

Common Scenarios

— I am a fan, and I want to share a comic or an art in a public community.

Please do, just provide proper attribution. Also, if you are sure that uploading the file (instead of posting it as a link) will give it more visibility, you are free to do so; in that case, you can just add attribution info in a comment or in description. More on attribution here.

— I am a fan, and I want to use your comic or art for a meme image.

You are welcome to do so, just provide proper attribution and make it clear that you modified the original. More on attribution here.

— I am a fan content creator in a specific community, and I want to use your art as part of my fan content.

You may do that, just don't forget to provide attribution so that other fans within said community can know the origin of the art that was used. Besides, you can contact me and let me know about your content — chances are, my audience would also be interested in seeing it.

— I am a content creator who produces content regularly and monetizes it, and I want to use your art to illustrate my content.

You may do that, but you have to provide explicit attribution (or keep it, in case it is already displayed there) on the image itself, as well as a link in a sensibly visible vicinity of the content itself. Since we're entering commercial territory here, the result should be beneficial for both parties. If you have questions regarding that, or got specific offers, contact me.

— I am directly affiliated with the company that owns the intellectual property for which you created a derivative fan work, and I would like to use that work in my new content.

I will be happy if you do use it! You also, most likely, already have a set of rules for handling fan works, including ways of attribution. From my side, I will add that if parts of my art (including logos and watermarks) heavily compromise the artistic intent of your new content, you may modify it to fit your needs, or even contact me if you would like to have it modified for you. Note: this only applies to this specific scenario.

Less Common Scenarios

— I would like to add some pictures from here to a picture database site.

Feel free to! Just remember to properly source them so that people can find where the content is coming from, and do not add new watermarks/logos that imply any kind of ownership by third parties.

— I would like to share art repeatedly on a social media page that exists for the purpose of hosting paid posts.

You must provide explicit attribution every time you share art, you must not add new watermarks/logos that imply any kind of different ownership, and content must be used in moderation.

— I would like to copy all comics to a different platform.

Please don't — at this point that isn't "sharing" anymore, that's "redistribution". If you strongly believe there's a reason to have this done, contact me.

— I would like to copy a text article of yours to my site.

Please don'tlink to the article page instead. You may quote excerpts from textual content if your intention is to comment upon it, but please make sure to provide proper attribution. In case you have a specific offer regarding publishing a text piece, contact me.

— I would like to put your art on physical objects and sell them to people by myself.

No, that's just outright commercial usage. Contact me if you have a commercial offer.

General Guidelines

General notes on attribution

  • Methods of attribution, ordered from best to kinda acceptable:
    • active link to this website http://www.nojamtoday.com/ (or specific source page on it);
    • handle in social media @Lishtenbird (if applicable);
    • nickname Lishtenbird, name Konstantin Krylovskiy.
  • You are encouraged to use your best judgement and follow the practices of the platform you are sharing to, as long as you provide proper attribution. For instance, if you believe a Twitter link would make more sense for a specific audience than a website link, use that. It is better to have content shared in a pretty way that makes everyone happy, than to follow a procedure that looks lame and annoys everyone.
  • If directly uploading content will make it significantly more visible, then you are encouraged to upload content instead of linking to it. Example: you are posting to Reddit, and uploading a picture will make it instantly viewable as a regular image for everyone. Attribution text and a link to source page can then be added in a comment under the post instead.

General notes on modification

  • If you post the comic or art piece with its original purpose retained (read: as a comic or an art piece), do not remove or modify logos or captions on the images (or add new ones), and provide proper attribution.
  • If you use an image as part of a transformative work (read: meme) and modify it significantly, use your best judgement as to what should and what shouldn't be kept, — but please do provide attribution for the originally used image somehow (in a comment, for example).
  • If you create any sort of potentially compromising content based on the images from this site (there's no one to stop you anyway), please do make sure to add a proper disclaimer that states that the image was modified by you.

Additional notes on derivative content

Certain series in their entirety (listed as derivative in the series list), as well as certain issues in other series, build upon material from other intellectual properties. Such "fan" content often exists in the gray area of copyright law because a) everyday practices of today's content creation extend far beyond what any rigid law of yesterday can formally describe, and because b) existence of that content is most often mutually beneficial for both parties, so it's better for everyone to just treat that as "transformative works" and "fair use" and leave it be unless it starts posing some kind of risk or causes trouble.

The above makes it incredibly complicated to write out any specific rules regarding sharing and/or reusing such material. Below are a couple extra suggestions from me on how to deal with derivative content from No Jam Today.

  • If you are a third-party content creator, make sure to give proper credit for all parties when using such derivative content for your works. Example: you are a game reviewer who uses fan art for illustrating their videos.
  • If you are someone directly involved with the holder of the respective intellectual property, it is acceptable for you to bypass explicit attribution if it compromises the integrity of your transformative work. Example: you are a streamer and want to use a fan art piece of you in a scripted video you create.


Link to source when sharing in communities;
don't use content from here to just make money without permission;
read the above text and/or contact me if you have further questions.

Thank you.