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Nom - spotlight

A gigantic galactic supercat.

About This Hero

In Artistic 3k Series

Nom — a giant matryoshka cat: the embodiment of the Eastern spirit. It is that which retained its connection to nature, and continues to draw energy from the primordial; but it is also that which constantly assimilates alien matters, and preserves what it receives as new layers of itself. It is an eyeless daruma and a legless kokeshi, a creature with ears that hears you, but without a face from which you could read its thoughts; it is a cute-looking kaiju monster, standing silently beside you.

In Comedic 3koma Series

Nom — a variation on Moris's character; here, he appears as one of the great beings of the universe, yet this achievement doesn't mean anything special, and he remains just his awkwardly jokey self.

Dynamics between Nom and Day are partially inverted dynamics between Moris and Kottorin, where Day more often takes on the serious (tsukkomi) role, and Nom — the joking one (boke). Overall, their dynamics are based on the "butler and young lady" trope.