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Day - spotlight

A young android girl.

About This Hero

In Artistic 3k Series

Day — a floating head of a girl: the embodiement of the Western spirit. It's both the mischievous childish twintails and the eyes of a grown-up; it is a head without a body, once lifted into the air by an almighty mind, and now held there purely by its self-confidence. It is a superhero mask that hides both the face of an innocent Japanese savior girl, and the grimace of an arrogant Western superhero girl who has lost touch with reality.

In Comedic 3koma Series

Day — an amalgamation of characters of Alisa, Lyna and, somewhat, Iv: the sarcastic view of the world, the inner kindness and the ruthless mischievousness; among the visually loaned elements are twintails and eyes that look like glasses.

Dynamics between Day and Nom are partially inverted dynamics between Kottorin and Moris, where Day more often takes on the serious (tsukkomi) role, and Nom — the joking one (boke). Overall, their dynamics are based on the "butler and young lady" trope.