It's a Trap

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comic it's a trap

— So, Luna, you're inside the mage's shack. — I'll look around from where I am. 10, +2, +2x2; 16 for Perception. — With your Darkvision, it's not hard to see that the interior is rather shabby and lacklustre, with nothing of particular interest except for the two large bookshelves and a seemingly unlocked chest. Since there are no interior doors, you also hear snoring coming from another room. — No need to check for traps then. I'll go for the chest. 13, +7; 20 for Stealth. — Do you even need a DM? — Oh yes, yes, she does. Inside the chest, you find two medium-size jute bags, a frayed toy sceptre, a stack of letters, a volume titled "Book of Awesome Party Ticks", and a lot of colorful candy wrappers. — Uhm, "ticks"? — Yes. — I... I'll just take out both bags and see what's inside. 17, +3, +2; 22 for Sleight of Hand to pull 'em out silently. — In which you succeed. When you put your hand inside the first bag, it goes deeper than expected. — Oooh, a Bag of Holding! So soon! — Neat. I'm thinking of coins. — Nothing. — ...not as neat. I'll check the other bag. — As you try pulling your hand out... Make a Strength saving throw. — Wait, what?! 8, -1, 7! — Oh, boy! — feel that your hand is grappled. — Should've checked for traps! — Sigh. I don't think that's even a "trap"...


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