Bags and Hands

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comic bag of holding

— So. Your hand is inside the bag, and something is holding it. What do you do? — Am I taking any damage? — Nope, no damage. — Interesting... Hm. I will try to slooowly pull my hand out. — As you’re pulling your hand out, you feel like you’re dragging something with it. — I’ll be pulling further until I see what that is, unless I take any damage, in which case I stop. — You proceed cautiously, afraid of both hurting yourself and making any noise in this undoubtfully dangerous house — until your hand is almost out of the bag; at which moment you see what appears to be... a jute hand, stretching out of the bag, firmly holding yours. — Woooh... Kinky. — Nope. This is not how Bags of Holding work. — Well, at least that’s not a maw full of teeth... Can I see if there’s any weird thread trigger or something on the inside of the bag? — Make an Investigation check. — 19, +0; 19. — As you look closer, you notice there’s actually a label sticking out. — What does it say, what does it say?! — It reads: “In the times of solitude and anguish, may you never feel forlorn with our Bag of Hand-Holding.” “Signed: Simona”. — Goddamit... — Are you kidding me? Sigh. I just part my fingers and let go of it. — The hand retracts into the bag. — I am not amused. — But neither are you dead. Wanna go for the other bag? — Yeeeah, sure! What can possibly go wrong?


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