Zero Gravity Night

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zero gravity night comic

At 4AM sharp Alice turned off the PC, put on her usual red coat, sneaked through the corridor like a shadow, abruptly turned the key in the keyhole-so that it made no noise-and opened the door. The winter night met her with blazingly white sidewalks, fluffy waltzing snowflakes and that incredibly rare silence when the youth and night owls are already asleep but skylarks and yard-keepers haven't left their beds yet. Alice was strolling down the gloomy alley, watching her two shadows from the street lanterns shorten and lengthen, invariably disappearing and becoming each other. And suddenly-she threw back her head, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The snowflakes were falling onto here warm skin, gently tickling and flowing down as if they were tears. "One, two, three," Alice was counting them. And at that very moment a vivid, important idea struck her... -There is cooler stuff than FullHD.

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