Webcomics in Russia

(text from the 2012 version of website homepage)

Comics as a category of art have always had more trouble getting appreciation in Russia than in Europe and USA. A whole new commercial industry that flourishes in many countries of the world had no chance to develop on the territory of Russia and the USSR, and comics were and are perceived by common people either in the form of political caricature or as silly entertainment for little kids. Webcomics in present-day Russia face the same problems but multiplied by the mentality of the crowd that is used to getting products of other people's hard work for free.

As a result, comics as art degrade to a level where most things called "comics" do not even deserve the name, and at the same time in the mind of the public these crude drawings stand next to many imaginative and authentic though non-professional works which are produced by enthusiasts and then published on the Internet. Only a small part of Russian webcomics is drawn by professionals, even a smaller part gives profit... and it is still almost impossible to make a living out of comics, because with the image comics have in Russian society, people who read them will either be not able to pay, or not willing to pay.

Yet more and more people in Russia discover the beautiful world of comics and manga and devote their free time to creating — instead of consuming. They fight to prove that comics can be a special, social, media which efficiently delivers one's thoughts and feelings directly to the audience, rather than staying in the land of silly and weird child's drawings. And No Jam Today is one of such concepts: it is being created as a hobby project despite the evident lack of author's drawing skills and in the hope that someone out there will share this kind of world perception.